Tips and advice to glide into the season

Astuces et conseils pour débuter la saison du bon pied

Much to the happiness of all Quebecers, the summer season is finally here. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover new outdoor activities so you can fully enjoy what nature has to offer.

Love water sports? Maybe it’s time to discover the joy of paddleboarding. Not sure where to start? We can help!

Here are some tips and tricks to get you started with SUP!

Let’s face it, SUP is an accessible sport for all ages and all types of use! The SUP learning curve is fast and quite enjoyable, but it goes without saying that a bit of upfront preparation is always better in the long run. Here are some tips from our SUP experts and enthusiasts:

How to stand up? Our 3 tips:

  1. Stand next to the board in knee-deep water (just deep enough so the fins of the board don’t touch the bottom).
  2. Hold the board by the edges and kneel on the board just behind the centre point of the board (you can quickly locate the centre of the board by finding the carrying handle).
  3. Keep your hands on the sides of the board to stabilize it and move one foot at a time to place your feet where your knees were. Rather than standing up in one motion, start by lifting your chest while keeping your knees bent. Once your chest is vertical, extend your legs to stand.

How to stay on your feet? Our 3 tips:

  • Place your feet so they are parallel, about hip-width apart and centred between the edges of the board.
  • Keep your toes pointed forward, your knees slightly bent and your back straight.
  • Finally, to keep the perfect balance you’ve just created: stare at the horizon, far ahead.

    How do you get back on the SUP after losing your balance?

    • Position yourself next to your board and near the centre.
    • Grab the handle in the centre of the board with one hand.
    • Let your legs float to the surface behind you, then kick your legs while pulling on the handle to slide yourself onto the board.

    Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) offers a fun way to play on the water, with the added benefit of a full body workout. And because you’re standing on your board, you have a unique vantage point to observe what’s under the water and on the horizon.

    Beyond the simple pleasure of a water ride, SUP offers pretty versatile experiences. Yoga, SUP fit, SUP racing… with so many things todo, your board could become your true companion this summer! 

    With Sun Vibes SUP, you can enjoy high quality boards with an inflatable structure similar to that of wooden boards. How is this possible? Using FUSION technology, we’ve created a paddle board with two layers of laminated PVC, which are then sealed together in a strong and durable manner. This unique process makes Sun Vibes SUP boards stiffer and significantly lighter.

    Enjoy the summer and the sun that smiles on the happiness of being here,

    Nicole from Sun Vibes SUP