For a dazzling Saint-Jean Baptiste with Sun Vibes SUP !

Pour une Saint-Jean Baptiste éclatante avec Sun Vibes SUP !

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Saint-Jean-Baptiste is our designated national holiday on June 24th. It is particularly important here in Quebec, where it is not only a holiday but especially a day of celebration. At Sun Vibes SUP, we are a team of proud Saint-Jean Baptiste Day supporters and here are some traditional and popular activities we thought to consider for the National holiday :

Attend festivals: Many cities and towns in Quebec organize festivals and dynamic events to celebrate Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day. Look for local festivities, such as parades, concerts, fireworks and cultural activities. In Montreal, we will find the parade as well as Le Grand Spectacle which will take place at Parc Maisonneuve near the Olympic Stadium. The biggest celebration will take place in the Capitale Nationale in Quebec city, where you can discover the Grand Spectacle dans la Capitale, a great event with concerts, shows, a parade and above all food kiosks of local products to discover.

Take advantage of outdoor activities: June 24th falls at the start of the Quebec summer season, which makes it the ideal time to indulge in outdoor activities. Take advantage of the warm weather by having a picnic with family or friends at a local park or by a lake. Consider activities like paddleboarding, hiking, biking, swimming, or just relaxing outdoors.

Organize or attend a barbecue: It is a popular tradition to organize a barbecue or a picnic on Saint-Jean Baptiste Day to commemorate the occasion of our feast. Gather your friends and family, fire up the grill and enjoy delicious food and drinks together.

Watch a parade: Many parades take place across the province on June 24. Find out if there's a parade in your area and enjoy the colorful floats, marching bands and nationwide demonstrations.

Be sure to check local event listings to make sure the activities you plan to attend are available and safe.

Enjoy the festivities and have a memorable Saint-Jean-Baptiste!

Nicole and the great Sun Vibes SUP team

Stay connected and tuned on our Facebook, Instagram and online store pages to find out about our planned promotions this season for Saint-Jean Baptiste holiday!