The 5 best places to practice SUP in Québec

Les 5 meilleurs endroits où pratiquer du SUP au Québec

Every surfer or paddle boarder worth his salt is constantly on the lookout for the best spots to experience a true adventure.

Whether it’s the calm waters of our Quebec lakes, the large rural rivers, or the small urban rivers, our team of experts has found the best spots among the 130,000 waterways in Quebec.

Ready for the big dive? Here are our TOP 5 favourite spots in Quebec selected just for you.

Urban getaway on Boucherville Island (15 min from Montreal)

Are you the type of person who likes to stay in the city but still wants access to nature? Then Îles-de-Boucherville National Park is undeniably your sweet spot.

Only 15 minutes from Montreal, you can enjoy an 8km stretch of calm water for a perfect afternoon with family, friends or lovers. The start naturally begins in an urban and rather busy area during the summer season where you might come across a watercraft or two. But very quickly, the landscape expands offering a treat for all your senses.

In no time, the city disappears, and the music at the port fades, leaving you with nothing but the sound of the water and the splendour of nature. For a moment, you just might forget that you’re in the heart of a large metropolis.

The water is so calm that you could stop for an aperitif or an improvised picnic directly on your board. Life is good out here!

And, if you opt for a sunset getaway, the pleasure will only be multiplied by ten.

A trip to the heart of the Laurentians on Lac Saint-François Xavier

If you’re looking for a short but miraculous getaway that’s more rooted in nature, look no further than Lac Saint-François Xavier.

It’s just a 2-hr round trip from the city and it’s easy to get from one end to the other, even with a cross wind. What’s more, the staff are super friendly and will warmly welcome you as every good “Quebecer” does. They love what they do and they’re always happy to help all along the way – even in the washing station, which, by the way, is a mandatory step to ensure and protect the quality of the water.

No wonder it’s so clear!

Paddle with whales on Grosse Île au Marteau

Ever dreamed of paddling with whales in their natural environment?

This incredible experience is offered in the North Shore region, on Grosse Île au Marteau.

As soon as you leave the sandy beach in the direction of the archipelago, the show begins.

Important note: This spot is intended for experienced paddleboarders who are thirsty for adrenaline. You should have a strong will and be comfortable with the idea of paddling in the company of these huge marine mammals. Truth is, they are as imposing as they are friendly, so it’s highly possible that they will swim up to meet you, so you need to be able to keep your cool.

If the thought of being thisclose to whales doesn’t scare you, don’t wait. It is an incredible experience that will leave a lasting impression on you.

The Bonaventure River – 20 km of pure enchantment in Gaspésie

The Bonaventure River is the ultimate Quebec treasure. It flows into the Baie des Chaleurs which is known for its breathtakingly beautiful emerald colour. Definitely a must for paddle board enthusiasts.

In fact, the water is so clear that you can actually watch schools of salmon swim under your board. Bonus adventure: If you love thrills, get ready for the rapids that will give you a jolt of excitement. As long as you stay away from the rocks, the river promises good, safe fun

All along the 20 km long trail, you and your loved ones can stop and take advantage of the waterfalls, swimming, picnic tables, etc. It’s the perfect recipe for a day out of the ordinary in this pristine jewel on the Gaspé Peninsula.

The magnificent Missisquoi Valley

Discover the charms of one of the most popular regions in the Eastern Townships, the Missisquoi Valley.

Only 20 minutes from the village of Sutton, the Missisquoi River offers more than 15 km of paddleboarding nirvana through calm and peaceful water.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, equipped or in need of a rental centre, the Missisquoi Valley has everything you could possibly want.

The Canoe & Co nature centre welcomes you and will gladly help you find the ideal paddle board if you wish to rent one for the day. And, if you want to mix it up a bit, you can also opt for a kayak or canoe excursion.

Enjoy the summer and the sun that smiles on the happiness of being here,

Nicole from Sun Vibes SUP