Spiaggia Rosa

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Spiaggia Rosa
Spiaggia Rosa
Spiaggia Rosa
Spiaggia Rosa
Spiaggia Rosa
Spiaggia Rosa
Spiaggia Rosa
Spiaggia Rosa
Spiaggia Rosa

Spiaggia Rosa

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It is the sweetness, the calm and its hallucinating landscape of the Spiaggia Rosa that inspired the creation of this new board. The beautiful beach of Budelli Island in Sardinia is not only unique for its pink sand, it also contains an extraordinary history. Part of Italy's Maddalena National Park, only its 80-year-old caretaker Mauro Morandi has lived there for over thirty years.

Seeking peace and quiet during your outings in nature, you will be able to enjoy every moment of life, a bit like Mauro. It also features our new 2023 attributes; extra storage space, with both a front six-point bungee system and a rear four-point bungee system to ensure you can carry all your adventure gear or any paddle board accessories for your long walks. Seize this golden opportunity to escape your everyday life aboard the Spiaggia Rosa.

With the latest technology on the market, Sun Vibes SUP uses MSL Fusion double layer technology, with X-woven drop stitch (X-wowen DROPSTITCH), two layers of PVC are laminated together which makes your board stronger and lighter. The X-woven drop stitch (X-wowen DROPSTITCH) means that your board can be inflated up to 18 PSI (15 PSI minimum), which also makes your board stronger and you have a better glide on the water. Everything that creates the quality and longevity of Sun Vibes SUP boards.

  • Stability 9.6/10
  • Ease of use 9.8/10
  • Solidity (ultra-rigidity) 10/10
  • Size 9.3/10
  • Kayak bench and double paddle included

  • Support for GoPro
  • Double action air pump
  • Sun Vibes Exclusive Retractable Aluminum Double Paddle
  • Adjustment for kayak paddle
  • 3 removable fins (1 large and 2 small)
  • Sun Vibes Premium Carry Bag
  • Repair kit
  • Safety strap
  • Kayak Bench Anchor
  • Dimensions 10'6" x 32" x 6"
  • Board weight: 20 lbs
  • Weight in bag with accessories: 27 lbs
  • Pet: 85 lbs and under

  • Family

  • Yoga
  • Children
  • Lakes
  • Athletes
  • Meditation
  • Oceans
  • Adventures
  • Rivers

Complete set of accessories including your Sun Vibes SUP board, two adjustable travel paddles, a safety leash, a double action air pump, a carrying bag and 3 removable fins. Everything fits in the included bag for easy transport.


Created with the latest in inflatable SUP material technology, such as X-Woven dropstitch, resulting in a board that will last longer with superior quality.

Large capacity

With a maximum capacity of 400 lbs, this board is highly resistant. The wall textile technology makes it possible to create inflatable structures and components that have a very high rigidity.


This inflatable SUP includes two storage platforms with bungee cords. The Spiaggia Rosa is an excellent option for summer expeditions.


Designed to be transported without hassle, our boards are light and very easy to handle. Note that our boards weigh about 8 to 10 pounds less than a standard paddle board on the market.


Made with rigid and waterproof fabrics such as military grade PVC which are then laminated with MSL Fusion technology.

Customer Reviews

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Catherine Delsemme

Super bon produit et facile à commander%21

Danielle Laplante
Ma planche Spiaggia Rosa

Tellement satisfaite de mon choix! J’ai vraiment apprécié mon expérience sur l’eau et l’opportunité d’obtenir à l’achat les accessoires inclus pour pouvoir pagayer aussi assise avec plus de confort. La planche rose “Spaggia Rosa”qui “rend hommage aux femmes qui se tiennent debout devant le cancer du sein”… ça m’a touchée et je suis contente de participer à cet hommage. 🙏.


Very Nice for the Price, i’m so happy



Colette Patenaude
Spiaggia rosa

Vraiment agréable! Très stable et confortable ! Ça vaut la peine!